What The Eastern Europe Situation Means To You

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So, what you can do to stay safe?

• Have redundant layers of advanced cyber security protections in place.
• Don't look for or search on anything to do with the situation in Eastern Europe on any computer or mobile device.
• Be wary of any emails mentioning the situation in Ukraine, Russia and Eastern Europe in the body or subject line.
• Be wary of ads on social media and via search engines that are talking about what is happening in Ukraine, Russia and Eastern Europe.
• Do NOT open ANY attachments from people you don’t know, no matter how pressing it seems or tempting it is to open. Delete it. If it’s truly important, they’ll call you.
• Be on high alert for phishing e-mails from people you know. If it “feels” off or wrong, don’t click on any links or open the attachment. Their system could be compromised and being used to scam everyone in their in-box.
• Only go to known, essential websites.
• Do NOT connect to the company’s network (e-mail, cloud apps, etc.) via home PCs or personal devices.
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