What Pocket Knives Do Blade HQ Employees Carry? | Knife Banter: Reforged

Kurt and Dallas snag and review some of the knives around the office. Let us know in the comments what you think about Blade HQ's employee pocket dump.

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Knives in order of appearance:

0:00 Intro
2:18 Benchmade 940-1 Osborne - https://bit.ly/3dw2cvl
3:50 Benchmade Bugout - https://bit.ly/3yakCLS
5:45 Daggerr Knives Sting - https://bit.ly/3dz3V34
7:19 Liong Mah Design KUF EDC 3.0 - https://bit.ly/3rOZvh0
8:40 Marfione Custom Socom Elite T/E - https://bit.ly/3pxTv9u
10:39 Boker Arbolito El Héroe - https://bit.ly/3oA82lz
13:02 Kershaw Launch 10 - https://bit.ly/3lO1Tk6
14:58 Spyderco M4 Shaman - https://bit.ly/3lMSrgU
17:11 Pro-Tech Calmigo - https://bit.ly/3IzVBhS
19:13 Gerber Auto Mini Covert - https://bit.ly/3EP8tOA
20:36 Pro-Tech SBR - https://bit.ly/30bgdf0

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