What MBA Admission Committee Looks in your #MBA Application? Common MBA application mistakes?

#MBAApplication #BSchool
In this session with two former adcoms, Nicole Shay (Columbia Business School) and MJ Shores (The Wharton School), we are going to learn...
1. What is the MBA admissions committee looking for?
2. important application pitfalls such as illogical career goals, bad letters of recommendations, vague reasons for wanting an MBA, etc

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00:00 Intro
08:09 What AdCom is looking for?
09:24 Relevant Work Experience
10:53 Building a Strong Resume
14:24 Academic Ability
15:51 Focused Career Path
18:20 Compelling Reasons for Why MBA
20:36 Important Application Mistakes to Avoid
27:12 How AdCom Review Applications
34:57 What happens after a good interview
37:48 Waitlist Management
43:12 Audience Questions
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