What is Xlookup In Excel? | Xlookup Tutorial | How To Use Xlookup In Excel | Excel | Simplilearn

This video is based on the XLookUp Function in Excel. In this video, you will learn all the major fundamentals of LookUp Functions in Excel and what is XLookUp in Excel and how to implement XLookUp in realtime. The XLookUp tutorial will include the following concepts explained in detail as shown below.

Introductionto What is XLookUp in Excel
This part of the tutorial will explain a brief intoduction of LookUp functions in excela and also help you with learning the fundamental technicalities of XLookUp in Excel

00:45 How to use XLookUp in Excel.
This part of the LookUp tutorial will help you understand how to impement XLookUp in Excel in a Practical mode using a realtime example.

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