What is the Grievance Procedure

Understanding the grievance process is crucial if you wish successfully to raise a grievance or serious complaint with your employer about your work situation. If you have tried raising a matter verbally or informally in writing, and there is still no resolution, then it’s time to consider instigating a formal written grievance process.

Often, taking this serious step may mean that you have already decided to leave your job. Or perhaps you just want to record the fact that you have been mistreated and wish to seek a resolution in the workplace.

Submitting or raising a formal grievance essentially means making a significant complaint in writing about an aspect of your work situation and/or working conditions about which you are very concerned or ‘aggrieved’ (hence the word ‘grievance’).

The difference between submitting a formal grievance and an informal email about your complaint may seem to be insignificant. In theory, they would both say what your complaint was but there is a big difference in practice.

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