What is a Manifestor in Human Design? Explained by a Manifestor | Biz on the Brain Podcast

In this third season of my Podcast Biz on the Brain I am focusing on talking about: What is a Manifestor in Human Design?
How does it feel like? What are the experiences?

What are the key qualities and skills of an aligned Manifestor? Or at least one who is living the experiment, as it is called.

The previous episode explained more about what Human Design is, and this one focuses on the defining quality of this human design type.The next episodes will be interviews with other Manifestors. I am one myself and we are only about 9% of the population, so rare snowflakes indeed.

And often misunderstood. Hence, the current focus of my podcast on authenticity.

If you don't know your Human Design, you can get a free chart generated here: https://www.jovianarchive.com/Get_Your_Chart
(this is a third party page, not sponsored, but I find it helpful)

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