What is a domestic partnership agreement and why should I get one?

A domestic partnership is an alternative to marriage for couples who live together. More and more, couples are choosing to live together, intertwine their lives and finances, but not taking the step to be legally married. While this might work for your personal relationship, many issues can arise if there are no legal protections in place.

The federal government does NOT recognize domestic partnerships, but some states do, granting rights similar to married couples.

Unfortunately, North Carolina is NOT one of the states that recognize domestic partnerships. Some businesses and local governments, such as Chapel Hill and Carrboro, do recognize domestic partnerships for their employees. That being said, if you live in North Carolina, and even if your employer might recognize your relationship, the federal and state governments do NOT, and you should seriously look into getting a domestic partnership agreement in place.

****What does a domestic partnership agreement do?****

A domestic partnership agreement is an agreement between two parties who are not married, but live together and function like a married couple. They share expenses, property, possibly real estate and maybe children. Basically, you are married without the legal label.

Instead of a marriage certificate, a domestic partnership agreement, paired with a good estate plan, can provide these protections in the event of separation or death.

***Reasons people are getting Domestic Partnership Agreements****

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