What Happened to the ‘Housegirls’? - BBC Africa Eye documentary

Three years ago, BBC Africa Eye’s Nancy Kacungira reported on the plight of three young women, Mercy, Scovia and Esther who left their homes to find jobs as domestic workers. Commonly referred to as ‘housegirls’, the film chronicled their hard lives and illustrated how being employed as a domestic worker can sometimes lead to mistreatment and even abuse.

Now Nancy is back and catching up with the three young women to find out how their lives have changed and whether their hopes and dreams became reality. From babies to boutiques to back to school, Nancy discovers how each former domestic worker has overcome difficulties and embraced their new lives.

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Reporter – Nancy Kacungira
Executive Producer – Chris Alcock
Producer – Steve Ayeny
Film Editors – Ian Lloyd, John Moratiel
Production Manager – Simon Frost
Production Coordinators – Erin Osgood
Reversioning Producer – Anna Payton
Digital Producer – Tamasin Ford
Social Media Producer – Anusha Kumar
Online Editor – Chris Stott
Colourist – Boyd Nagle
Sound mix – Jez Spencer
Africa Eye Editor – Tom Watson

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