What does the onboarding process look like post pandemic?

The Covid-19 pandemic has altered the way we work forever, and as a result the way we onboard people too.

Please join us to watch our recent webinar with HR Grapevine, where the team will be live in the comments to answer your questions!

As we recover from the Great Resignation many organisations are changing the way they do things, and at Clear Review we believe a top priority should be the onboarding process. We need to lose the workflows and forms, and instead find ways to truly inspire and engage our people from day one. Effective onboarding can enable our people to be engaged and to support the organisation for years to come.

Join Clear Review’s Director of Talent Transformation & Insight, Nick Gallimore, as he takes you through why the onboarding process needs to change in the wake of the Great Resignation, how to get the most from a new onboarding process, and why the probation period is an out of date concept.

What can you expect from this webinar?

- Reflections and insight on current onboarding practices
- Why now is the time to forget the probationary period?
- Insights from current Clear Review customers about how continuous performance management principle can drive early onboarding success
- Easy to implement best practice for successful onboarding
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