What do high quality candidates look for

Job seekers choose a new job not because of the salary or job title but because of the employer’s brand and how the company works. A study by Korn Ferry shows 73 per cent of respondents said that doing a job that has meaning and purpose was the most important thing that made them happy at work. They are also more likely to choose companies that give them the chance to use all of their skills.

Here are the key factors that high-quality candidates look out for:

Alignment to personal values

Find candidates who say they want to work for a company because it fits who they are and what they do well.

They are more likely to be good at the job, and fit a progressive growing culture.

Opportunity to do what they are good at

Listen for candidates who talk about what they like about a job right away, paying attention to how they talk about improving other people's lives and taking on expected and additional job responsibilities

They want to work for the best companies

Companies should adopt a positive employer branding strategy, coupled with active engagement and listening, and encouraging their current and former employees to submit their reviews.

Ability to learn and grow

Ensure that individual development is on top of your list, and have suitable L&D resources necessary to support your employees to improve their hard and soft skills

Seeking a great culture

There are many ways to build a great culture. Some of them include emphasizing employee wellness, connecting meaning to work, encouraging positivity, and fostering social connections.

A systematic and individualized approach

To get good candidates, hiring managers need to know what draws them to a job or a company, and they need to use a systematic way to find them. Hiring managers also need to learn how to differentiate high-quality candidates based on the way they answer or handle the job interviews.
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