What Are Your Salary Expectations? Learn How To Answer This Interview Question ✓

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This is how to answer the dreaded salary expectations/salary requirements interview question. Hope you benefit from it!

This is by far one of the most controversial topics. Everybody seems to have an opinion about that.
Most HR or recruiters say that you should give a range.
I think differently.
As always, before I can give you a straight up answer there are a few things I need to know.
1) Who is asking this question?
Is it a headhunter, HR, or the hiring manager?
So, let’s see the possible scenarios first
Scenario 1: From a headhunter. So, you are just interviewing with a recruiter or headhunter
Scenario 2: From HR or internal recruiter
Scenario 3: From the Hiring Manager
Scenario 4: From the Hiring Manager but you started the process with a headhunter
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