What All Taco Bell Employees Wish You Knew

If you haven't worked at Taco Bell, you probably don't know exactly what it's like to work at America's most popular Mexican restaurant chain. Sure, you may be able to guess some of the ins and outs of what goes on at a Taco Bell job, but there are definitely elements of the work specific to Taco Bell only current and former employees know about.

There are definitely some of those things Taco Bell employees would like customers to be aware of, because it would make their job easier. And don't you want to make your next experience grabbing a fourth meal as streamlined as possible? Here's what all Taco Bell employees wish you knew.

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Ingredients are precisely measured | 0:00
Food made by hand | 0:55
Big drive-thru orders are annoying | 1:46
You can order an Enchirito | 2:31
Quesadillas are labor-intensive | 3:24
Meal deals save money | 4:02
Naked Chicken Chalupa rip-off | 4:45
Beans for meat | 5:32
Any shell can be Doritos | 6:10
Everything can be customized | 6:48
Just be polite | 7:33

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