What’s it Really Like to Work as a BetterHelp Therapist?

What’s it Really Like to Work as a BetterHelp Therapist?

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00:00 Intro
04:21 How much does BetterHelp pay?
09:32 How does BetterHelp treat its therapists?
13:08 What’s the quality of client care with BetterHelp?
18:12 Closing thoughts

Original video: I Applied to be a BetterHelp Therapist. Here’s What Happened

Consumer Reports Article: "Mental Health Apps Aren't All As Private As You May Think"

Indeed's BetterHelp Employee Reviews:

It's about time we make a do-over on my original video talking about BetterHelp. This time, I invited you to share your experiences about how much BetterHelp pays, how BetterHelp treats its therapists, and what the quality of care is like for BetterHelp clients. The information you shared with me is really quite sad, and I'm shedding light to it in this video.

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