were 2010 pop stars part of the ILLUMINATI??? (ft. naomi cannibal)

the illuminati is one of the most captivating conspiracy theories ever. the idea and fear of a secret society controlling is all to real and terrifying for us to process. but including 2010 popstars into the mix? the 2010's were the perfect breeding ground for the illuminati conspiracy to thrive and be linked to 2010 pop stars. nicki minaj, beyonce, jay z, rihanna, taylor swift, katy perry, kesha, miley cyrus and of course, lady gaga, were all indicted with illuminati membership rumors. some were saying they were mind controlling us, and some were saying they were flaunting their power right in front of our faces (through their music videos). in this video, let's go through the good, the bad, and the absolutely hilarious parts of whether 2010 pop stars were part of the ILLUMINATI or not?

SHOUTOUT to @naomi cannibal for collabing with me on this video! you have been inspiring me to create new types of content for my channel and you were just a wonder to work with. thank you for being so patient with me and i really just love the content that we have made together ❤️

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