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Ondo by Mercer | https://bit.ly/3mg0qm1 | Put wellbeing at the heart of company culture

This is Trish. She knows the importance of employee wellbeing. While her organisation's current approach ticks a few boxes, engagement is low and getting lower. And Lena, the CEO, has been asking why. Bal has some answers. He says his initial enthusiasm was short-lived, the disjointed system was confusing and brought no real benefit to him. To use Bal's words, it's a classic case of app-athy. Trish decided it was time for something different. Ondo places the emphasis on engagement. The app puts employee experience first using tried and tested social media strategies such as news feeds, peer-to-peer challenges and recognition, and gaming techniques. This creates positive habit loops, and brings employees together. After a few months, the results speak volumes. Through diverse communities, Bal connects with employees with similar interests, and has formed new and genuine workplace bonds. Employees share, like, and comment on each other's activities, compete on the leaderboards, and award "kudos" points to each other. What's more, Ondo has encouraged Bal to try new things he never thought were for him - like mindfulness and nutrition. Because Ondo seamlessly integrates with other platforms, it puts all aspects of wellbeing, together with personal benefits in one place, right at Bal's fingertips. Ondo has enabled Trish to make a tangible difference to employee wellbeing. Engagement levels are sky high. Lena is happy because the raft of feedback and actionable data are helping her make impactful decisions. That's putting wellbeing at the heart of company culture. To use Bal's words, the new system has heaps of app-eal. So if you're interested in doing more than just ticking wellbeing boxes, and genuinely want to enact positive behavioural and cultural change, it's time for Ondo.

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