WEIRD I KNOW, But it's easer to PASS Driver's Test in Winter!

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In the winter with snow, the parameters of a road test are somewhat different. For whatever reason, driving examiners don't like pushing a stuck car out o the snow. Therefore, there is some discretion in the parameters of the road test.

The 4 basic components of a road test still apply:

1) speed management
2) space management
3) observation
4) communication

You must drive the posted speed limit, the speed of the flow of traffic, or the speed that the conditions of the road allow. Watch the speedometer camera in the video to learn how fast you should drive.

You must manage speed around your vehicle and stop at the correct place at intersections. Often you will not be able to see the road markings because of the snow; therefore, come to a stop before the sidewalk. You will need to locate landmarks that will allow you to manage space and stop your vehicle in the correct position.

And when you approach an intersection, slow back from the intersection or place where you want to stop and then creep up. You don't want to get to where you want to stop and find out it's icy and you won't be able to get stopped!

The rules for communication and observation apply. Turn your lights on so other road users can see you, especially if it is overcast. And be sure to activate your turn signals anytime you are going to turn or move the vehicle laterally.

Observation is imperative for a road test. Be sure to clean all the snow off the glass and lights while doing your pre-trip in preparation for your road test. As well, be sure the licence plates are visible.

You must do 2 shoulder (head) checks every time you turn or move the vehicle laterally. This technique is especially important in the winter when snow banks and other obstacles are going to impede your vision. If you wear prescription glasses or it is sunny you will need sunglasses. Be sure to bring your glasses for the purposes of a road test.

Finally, when parking, you only need to get close to the snowbank. You do not want to get stuck on a road test, so stay a safe distance from the snowbank. If you are parking behind another vehicle when parallel parking, just get straight behind the other vehicle.

And if you are reverse stall (bay) parking, don't pay too much attention to the lines, because you may not be able to see the pavement markings. If possible, park beside another vehicle and you can use that vehicle as a landmark to make the parking easier.

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