Benefits :
✔️ My body is slim
✔️ My collar bones are beautiful and well defined
✔️ My stomach is flat
✔️ My arms are toned
✔️ My legs are toned
✔️ I have a toned healthy body
✔️ I have my desired weight
✔️ I am losing excess weight now
✔️ I have the perfect weight for my height
✔️ I am a thin person
✔️ My lifestyle is healthy
✔️ I lose weight effortlessly
✔️ I see slim and leaner me now
✔️ My metabolism is fast and efficient
✔️ I lose weight effortlessly
✔️ I lose weight in a healthy way
✔️ I am shedding excess weight now
✔️ My weight loss journey is easy
✔️ I enjoy my weight loss journey
✔️ I love to move my body(walking, dancing etc)
✔️ My body is fit
✔️ My body is healthy
✔️ I lose weight easily
✔️ I love my body
✔️ I respect all my body does for me
✔️ I am grateful to my body for taking care of me
✔️ I deserve a healthy body
✔️ I am worthy of a healthy body
✔️ I can do this
✔️ I feel satisfied after working out
✔️ Being active makes me happy
✔️ I love healthy nurturing food
✔️ I feel confident in my body
✔️ I follow healthy habits easily
✔️ I break bad habits easily
✔️ I feel more happy and alive each passing day
✔️ I feel amazing as my body transform into a healthier one
✔️ I am proud of my progress
✔️ People are surprised by my body transformation
✔️ I got my results quickly
✔️ My results are permanent

Don't forget to drink water before and after listening.

Remember you have the power to change your life.


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