Wednesday Webinar: Passing the FIWARE Experts Exam

As an emerging technology, the FIWARE ecosystem has a growing need to be able to identify those principle developers who fully understand its core concepts(such as NGSI-v2 and NGSI-LD interfaces and other FIWARE fundamentals) and are able to create intelligent Smart Solutions which leverage the technology to the best effect.

A comprehensive examination process for identifying expertise in FIWARE was launched three years ago, and the number of registered FIWARE experts has been growing ever since.

The aim of this webinar is to walk through the examination process to explain how it is run, and to help candidates understand the level of answers needed in order to pass with flying colours.

- Jason Fox (Senior Technical Evangelist, FIWARE Foundation)
- Mannix Manglani (General Manager, MMX Online)

Chapter: Cross-Chapter
Difficulty: 3
Audience: Technical Experts, iHubs

0:00 Introduction
0:13 Background and History of the Examination
5:50 The Role of the Examiners, Marking and Grading
8:47 Body of Work
12:57 NGSI Interfaces
18:30 FIWARE Catalogue : Core
22:25 FIWARE Catalogue : IoT Agents
23:44 FIWARE Catalogue : Security
25:49 Architectural Scenario
32:31 Conclusions and Opportunities for certified FIWARE Experts
35:12 Summary and Useful Links

Exam Process:

FIWARE Academy

FIWARE Tutorials

FIWARE Catalogue:

Context Broker Documentation
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