WEBINAR | Pre-Employment Checks and Screening: Tips & Advice

This is a recording of the "Pre-Employment Checks and Screening: Tips & Advice" webinar held on Thursday 28 October 2021.

In this co-hosted webinar, Simon Obee (Principal Lawyer, EI Legal) and Khai Ngo (CEO, VerifyNow) discussed pre-employment screening and the impact it has on building a trusted workforce for your business.

Simon & Khai explored topics such as:
- Pre-employment screening obligations for employers and candidates;
- Reference checking and giving "bad" references;
- What types of screening questions shouldn't you ask;
- Checking a candidate's digital/ social media footprint;
- Checking a candidate's COVID vaccination status;
- Most common pre-employment checks in Australia;
- and much more.

To access helpful resources mentioned during this webinar, along with the webinar presentation slides, visit: https://hubs.ly/H0Z5krX0

If you want to know more or would like to book a 30 minute 1:1 consultation with one of our HR experts, visit: https://hubs.ly/H0sYJJJ0

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