Webinar on how to start your career in Data Science at FAANG |Mr. Ankit Sirmorya (Amazon, USA)

Are you one of those who feel that landing yourself a super-dream company is beyond your reach? 36+ lakh package might be overwhelming for you but we are here to guide you through the right path. Data Science is the most in-demand role in the IT industry and all the top-tier companies like Facebook, Amazon, Netflix etc are looking for Data Science engineers to manage and automate their database.

We know people who have the prior experience of getting recruited in these companies, knowledge about their work culture and vision about the career choices in the field of Data Science.

Putting your needs and concerns in mind, TechBairn is bringing you an educational Webinar on *How to Start your Career in Data Science AT Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google.... *.

Our guest lecturer will be Mr. Ankit Sirmorya (Senior Machine Learning Engineer at Amazon, USA) who is an alumni of University Of Florida. Ankit has a passion for angel investing and helps entrepreneurs working on promising products by investing in them at an early stage.

Website: https://techbairn.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/TechBairn
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