Web Briefing: Update on Women’s Health Policy

KFF Experts Discuss How the Courts, State and Federal Laws, and Regulations Are Shaping Policy and Women’s Health

The Supreme Court, Congress, and state policymakers are currently debating issues that are central to women’s health and well-being. Watch the KFF Women’s Health Policy team web briefing to learn more about the status and implications of these debates, from abortion to paid leave. The event focused on four current women’s health issues:

- Abortion: An overview of the Texas and Mississippi abortion cases, the potential rulings and what they could mean for the future of access to abortion care in America, presented by Laurie Sobel, Associate Director
- Title X Family Planning Program: An overview of the new Biden Administration Title X regulations and the challenges ahead for the Title X program, presented by Brittni Frederiksen, Senior Policy Analyst
- Maternal health: An update on maternal health and Medicaid postpartum coverage, presented by Usha Ranji, Associate Director
- Paid leave: The latest developments and implications of paid leave policy, presented by Michelle Long, Senior Policy Analyst

The briefing was moderated by Alina Salganicoff, Senior Vice President and Director of Women’s Health Policy.
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