We Caught a World Record! NOT Clickbait

Welcome back to my personal channel guys! I'm finally back on the California coast doing some shallow water bottom fishing for California Sheepshead, Whitefish and assorted Rockfish Species. I'm out with my boys Adam Baker aka @Fluent Fishing and @Pakkaa Wright looking to catch some trophy class Sheepshead or some eater sized females as our primary targets.

I've always heard the rumors of people using freshwater crayfish as bait for Sheepshead so we had to test that theory. Parker stuck to the whole squid approach throughout the day and ended up with a BIG surprise. World Record breaking type of surprise as he hoists from the depths the biggest Starry Rockfish any of us had ever seen!

Not until we got back to the launch ramp and had a Department of Fish and Wildlife employee survey our catch and weigh the fish with his certified scale did I start questioning what the existing world record Starry Rockfish was. A quick google search showed that the standing world record Starry Rockfish was 2lbs and 12oz. Parker Wright just caught one that weighted 3lbs 4oz! Breaking the record by 8oz! Should he submit the catch and make it official? Let us know in the comments below!

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Tackle Breakdown

Live Mackeral Setup for Sheepshead -

13 Fishing Defy Black Swimbait Casting Rods 8' XH

13 Fishing Concept A3 Casting Reel

O'Shaughnessy-R - BKK Hooks

Dropper Loop setup for Rockfish -

Daiwa Lexa TWS 300 Casting Reel

Valkyrie World Expedition Multi Piece Rods VCK-80XXH

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