WCI Podcast #232 - Investing Q&A - The Dragon Portfolio, 457(b)s, 403(b)s And Individual Stocks

We have had a lot of questions about investing coming in lately, so today we have put all of those questions into one big Q&A podcast. We talk about the value of investing in a 457(b) versus a taxable account, we discuss 403(b) accounts, 401(k) accounts and what investing limits are for each of these. We even cover more unusual portfolios such as the Dragon Portfolio. We talk about passive real estate investing vs. active real estate investing. If you have had an investing question lately I think you will find some answers here. If you need more help, check out our recommended financial advisors. https://www.whitecoatinvestor.com/financial-advisors/

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00:00 Introduction
02:07 WCI Conference 2022
06:16 Passive Real Estate
12:59 457 Plans vs Taxable Investing
20:00 The Dragon Portfolio from Chris Cole Artemis
28:39 Earned Income Before Marriage
33:16 The WCI Retirement Plan
40:22 403(b) & 457 Maximum Contributions
42:00 Taxes on Roth vs Traditional
45:48 Solo 401(k) Custodians Backdoor Roth
49:41 Wrap-Up
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