WATER SLiDE with NO WATER?!! Family Vacation Swimming and Playing with our friends at the pool

and WATCH OUT for the Navey Spider!!!!

JOIN OUR FAM!! --- http://goo.gl/rfgp8V

Best Slide Day Ever 1225

We love hanging out with our friends at the new house, exploring, playing and enjoying our mini family vacation!! in honor of the giant tarantula we found, we came up with a brand new game. We pretend play that Baby Navey is a spider and she chases the kiddos from room to room, trying to tag them and get them before the escape. Niko Bear and Adley both love it!!

Playing indoors is fun, but when you have a water park in your backyard with slides, swimming pools and a lazy river, we have to go play in it. Adley and Niko Bear want to ride the slide over and over again. And its so much fun that we do ride it over and over again. We go down fast, we make a train, we slide down backwards. Anything you can think of that is fun, we do it. Suddenly, our waterpark adventure is cut short when it starts to rain. We all run back into the house to wait it out. Want to see our NFT's while we wait?

We want to go back to the pool, so the kiddos do a sundance to drive the rain away. And it works!! back to the slides!! Though we to the park so fast the slide doesn't have any water on it. I've never been on a waterslide with out water, so Adley and I decide to explore it! We find a hidden pool and play in this one along with a really nice hot tub. Niko Bear found some blocks so he and Adley try and make a raft and float to sea lol. We spend the entire day in the water, having tons of fun. Niko Bear found a new pet, a little ladybug that loves climbing on him and being carried around by him. Niko even makes a brand new house for his little pet.

After getting dried off and eating dinner, we decide that a family walk and some bug hunting will be our last thing we do before our bed time routine starts. We find a lot of crickets and even see a bat, before we accidently set off an alarm..

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