Was this MY FAULT? Drama with stadium security at Orioles Spring Training in Sarasota?

Here's a lesson on how to treat people: BE NICE. That's it! And guess what? It worked here at Ed Smith Stadium in Sarasota, Florida, so thankfully the issue was resolved quickly. (Remember what happened to me at a certain west coast venue last summer? Same situation but handled much differently.) This Orioles employee understood what was going on, and he was right to say something. My fans and I *were* in the way, so after he approached me, I moved to a different spot and everything was cool.

The Baltimore Orioles were facing the Boston Red Sox, and because I'd had some other late-afternoon plans, I didn't arrive until the 3rd inning. Was I still able to snag a baseball? (Duh, obviously!) How much of the stadium was I able to see? (Lots!) Did anything else weird happen? (Watch and find out.)

Show some love to Orioles bullpen catcher Ben Carhart (@bpcben1121) and to Fenway Chris (@yonnernyc) who filmed this video on March 24, 2022. Show some love to the editor while you're at it . . . oh hey, that's ME! (@zack_hample)

In case you missed it, here's the video of my interview at iHeartRadio in Tampa:


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Thanks for watching and stay tuned for one more Spring Training video in Clearwater!
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