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1.Which of the following is the best method to send any confidential, official or sensitive information while sitting in a public place like a restaurant or an airport? = Use a personal Wi-Fi dongle or your personal mobile Hotspot.

2. Sara runs a bakery and she realized that she was running short of supplies for an order for a birthday party. The order was due to be picked up in a couple of hours. She listed out a bunch of ideas and decided to use buttercream instead of fondant. What part of the SCAMPER model did she adopt? = Substitute

3.Which of the following is not a social media website/app? = Amazon

4. Sara bakes delicious and quality cakes with triple chocolate and fruits and sells them at a high price for her customers. This is an example of __________ as no one in the town sells such a unique combination. = Differentiation Focus Strategy

5. An entrepreneur’s primary motivation for starting a business is: =It could be any of the above options.

6. Sara is a bright and hardworking IT professional. She rarely participates in assignments that have not been assigned to her. She does not look for opportunities beyond her current project. She seems very contented with her present job. How would you define Sara? = Coaster

7. Ali wanted to search for nearby restaurants, which offer delivery services, and have five-star ratings from customers. He typed in “5-star restaurants” in the search engine. He got many hits with a lot of information on 5-star restaurants all over the world, making his search irrelevant. What should Ali have done? =IV. Both I and II

8. You have to present a research paper in a conference which is attended by many people and universities from across the world. The research paper has been appreciated by many professors so far. On the night before the presentation, your manager asks you to make your PPT slides more impactful. What would you do? =You will include some graphs and images to highlight the key messages.

9. Marketing mix includes: =Product or Service

10. You already have a well-paying job and are satisfied with your job. You spot a massive growth opportunity in another field, which shall provide great results in the future. How will you proceed? =Take calculated risks and always take the opportunity to learn more or grow. But always remember to be rational.

11. Sara has strong opinions about animal welfare and regularly watches YouTube videos posted by other animal activists. She recently watched a video by a famous activist, and found that his opinions are very different from her own. Sara wants to express her opinion and ask this person some questions about his opinions. How can Sara do this?= IV. Both I and II

12. You have introduced a new idea to improve the work process in your organization. Some of your employees agree, while others disagree with the process. One of the employees openly criticizes the idea and talks to the managing director directly. What would you do? =You decide to talk to the colleague and make him understand that bypassing authority is not accepted.

13.A new employee joined your team yesterday. Your team manager has assigned tasks to you all, and the deadline is in two days. The new employee approached you and stated that he is feeling nervous and is not sure whether he will be able to complete the work. What will you do in this situation? Choose the BEST response. =You will guide the employee in a way that he is able to overcome his nervousness and complete the task.

14. Which of the following is NOT a relevant search engine? =Twitter
15. Which of the following platforms are best suited for an effective job search or to look for work opportunities?= Naukri / Monster / LinkedIn Jobs
16.Defining a problem involves: =
All of the given options.
17. The main goal of networking is__________, and it is to make all programs, data and equipment available to anyone on the network without the regard to the physical location of the resource and the user. = Resource Sharing

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