VITTORIA’S PERSONAL SUB ♡ bambi eyed academic it girl

hi love, please read this before asking any questions! this subliminal contains a booster with my formula which has been giving fast results to lots of people!

THIS IS MY PERSONAL SUB!! if you don’t want to get a certain thing, you can block the affirmation. please don’t start saying “i would use it but i don’t want..” IT’S DESIRED RESULTS ONLY!

♡ benefits
- face: huge, upturned bambi eyes; ski slope nose + upturned nose tip; wide, puffy, big lips (india eisley’s lips cc); extremely skinny and chiseled face shape (natalia dyer/timothee chalamet’s face shape cc); sharp, visibly defined jawline; side profile carved by angels; blurred, texture-less, crystal clear skin; pale skin with pink undertones; long, dark, wavy hair + natural blow out effect (denise richard’s hair type cc).
- body: height 5’7 (170 cm); weight 99 pounds (47 kg); pale skin with pink undertones; petite, dainty body; defined, visible collarbones; perky b cup breasts with pink, symmetrical areolae; skinny, lean arms; long, skinny fingers; small, narrow ribcage; tiny, corset, defined, 24 inches waist; flat, defined belly (11 line abs); round hips (hips size: 32 inches); slim, long legs (visible thigh gap); heart shaped butt; genetically skinny body; extremely fast metabolism.
- school life: academic it girl; valedictorian student; have the best grades in all subjects; give off rory gilmore vibes (quiet, smart, organised bookworm); have aesthetic school supplies (manifest a black kanken backpack + shakespeare and company tote bag + leuchtturm1917 journals + kindle ebook reader + ipad air, apple pencil); understand all classes and pass them with the highest grades; speak fluently in french, spanish, italian, russian, arabic; be disciplined and productive; get into desired school; manifest books; give off yale student vibes.
- work: become an influencer; have a big platform on instagram, youtube and tiktok; have a successful skincare brand; be on the pr list of rare beauty, wildflower cases, touchland, skims, kin euphorics, chanel, lululemon, alo yoga, gap, brandy melville; have a successful podcast; nail all job interviews.
- life: be a master manifestor; life on easy mode; attract money all the time; be able to afford everything; go often on vacations; have the motivation to workout; have a clean, healthy diet; be the definition of that girl.

♡ paid request (open)
text me here to request a custom subliminal:

♡ my subliminals
- are 100% safe and only contain positive affirmations.
- can be downloaded in whatever format you want.
- don’t contain any universe or religious based affirmations.
- are unisex unless stated otherwise.
- can be used in bundles.

♡ about me
hi! i’m vittoria and in today’s video you can see me playing “good pizza, great pizza”, while the subliminal affirmations are playing in the background!

♡ contact me
instagram (send me results):

♡ what ARE subliminals?
subliminals are audios that help people to achieve their desires. there is "affirmations” behind the asmr both layered and sped. best of luck using!

♡ disclaimer
my content isn’t reused. all the content in this video was edited and created solely by me. i edit the sounds and videos by myself with an editing software (CapCut), use the law of assumption and create original content to help people with their manifestations.
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