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Employee resignation has been a central workforce topic in 2021. Countless sources have reported on the increasing trend of a rising "quits rate." In fact, in the month of August in the United States, 4.3 million people reportedly resigned from their roles. That places the quits rate at 2.9% and reflects the highest recorded percentage since the Bureau of Labor Statistics started tracking the numbers.

In a workforce landscape that has shifted rapidly and dramatically in response to globalization, technology adoption, and pandemic response this "great resignation" trend has caused business leaders significant concern.

In this month's Virtual Business Bites, we’ll discuss how innovative companies are exploring how skills development and career tracking programs help improve team culture, increase employee engagement, and reduce the risk of voluntary team resignation. Join us for an exciting conversation with industry experts Andy Riabokin, Carlson, Garima Gupta, and Brian White.
Andy is a six-year Systems Engineer job turned into a lifetime Recruiting career. Andy started recruiting programmers for early-stage, VC-backed companies in Southern California and later CIO’s for publicly-traded US banks and manufacturing companies. After “running a desk” for 20 years, Andy returned to providing recruiting solutions for Talent Acquisition industry leaders such as Hiretual – AI Sourcing, ZapInfo (exit to Indeed) – Recruiting Process Automation, and JobMa – Video Interview Solutions. Andy developed a keen insight into specific pain points for the recruiter, hiring manager, and candidate and provides technical solutions to meet business requirements.
Andy and his wife are avid travelers and animal rights advocates, with a particular fondness for pigs. Andy holds a BS in Economics, Minor Statistics from the University of Minnesota.

Garima Gupta has been working as a Global HR leader for over 15 years, across industries and geographies (India, China, Australia, Sub-Saharan Africa, USA, UK and Central American countries). Over these years, she’s been having robust conversations about the future of work, creating a better employee experience, and investing in talent.

With over thirty years of leadership experience in military, operations, and human resources roles, it is Brian White's life mission to develop his personal leadership and to help others define, develop and live their authentic leadership style. As an HR executive, Brian dedicated his efforts to creating leadership development programs for leaders at all levels; from those considering their first people leadership role to more seasoned executive and C-Suite levels.
In 2020, and at the height of the pandemic, Brian decided to follow his passion for developing leaders full-time and started his own coaching business. Today, Brian is the CEO of Brian White Coaching, and a certified Executive Career and Leadership Coach. The foundation of his coaching methodology is the concept of Energy Leadership, and he believes we are all leaders either by design or by default.
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