Views On News | 15-June-2022 | Pakistan’s FATF Challenges - FATF Plenary 2022

Topic: Pakistan’s FATF Challenges - FATF Plenary 2022
On Phone:
1. Anwar Iqbal Senior Journalist
On Skype:
2. Shikoh Atif Senior Economist
(Shikoh Atif is a World Renowned Economist who has advised 12 of the Fortune 500 Companies including Google and is the Best Selling author of "Managing the Unthinkable," and has been a Professor of Economics at York University Canada)
In Studio:
3. Abdullah Yusuf Former Chairman, FBR

Anchor: Jawad Tehami
Producer: Hannan Durrani
Senior Producer: Arslan Saeed
Researcher: Abdul Basit Khattak
Coordinator: Tehseen Fatima Sayed
Script Writer: Sardar Hamdan Khan
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