VIEWPOINT HR MANAGEMENT UPDATES | Trimble Viewpoint | Construction HR, Human Resources

Here are some updated features around how construction HR professionals and managers can conduct performance reviews in Viewpoint HR Management for Vista. Interested in learning more? Head over to our website:

It’s easier than ever to adopt new ways to formalize your approach to helping your employees grow in their roles. On the performance review dashboard, new percentage fields show how many reviews are in progress, awaiting reviews, or have been finalized. Reviews are also searchable by dates, employee names, or by performance templates. Managers and supervisors can also be auto-assigned to review tasks.

Other new features include a bulk email notification button to remind users of performance review tasks, a new employee portal feature that automatically assigns performance review tasks, new workflows to make 360 reviews and management easier for users, downloadable PDFs of performance review notes and comments, different template options for employees and managers, and the ability to disable employee self review processes.

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