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Nora Cup Video Part of the Year is six-plus minutes of mind-melting madness from the man himself. Dennis Enarson - “Right Here” / Vans. Rich Forne was behind the lens so you already know this was going to be put together beautifully. If you haven’t had the pleasure of watching this part I highly recommend doing that now. Congrats Dennis!

It's no short feat to be nominated, so want to give a shout out to Alex Donnachie in Let Go / BSD, Corey Walsh in Pull Back Or Die / Fast And Loose, Felix Prangenberg in World Of Uncertainty, and Jordan Hango in TAIF.

I also want to sincerely thank the brands that to allow NORA Cup to happen: Monster Energy, Source BMX, Cinema, Colony, Eclat, Fit Bike Co, Fly Bikes, Free Agent, Fuse Pads, GT BMX, Haro Bikes, Hyper BMX, Kink BMX, Maxxis Tires, ODI Grips, Odyssey BMX, Powers Bike Shop, Profile Racing, S&M Bikes, Shadow Conspiracy, Snafu, Stacked BMX, Sunday Bikes, and Subrosa Brand. This is a labor of love for us, but it does cost money and the brands I just listed are, quite literally, keeping it going.

Again, another sincere thank you from myself and the rest of the Our BMX crew to all of you for the support and for participating in NORA Cup. Your vote most definitely counts.

Brief NORA Cup History:
The Number One Rider Award was created in 1979 by BMX Action Magazine. Originally focused on racing, NORA Cup had just two categories (rider and team) but it quickly became the most prestigious award in BMX. In 1985, Freestylin’ Magazine introduced most popular freestyle rider, team, and bike categories. The NORA Cup awards ended in 1991 when the publisher of both magazines (Wizard Publications) went out of business. In 1997, Ride BMX and Snap Magazine resurrected NORA Cup and continued until Ride BMX was shuttered in early 2019. The former employees of Ride created Our BMX and continued the NORA Cup tradition…

In short, we are the Ride BMX staff out on our own. We're building from the ground up and our goal is pretty simple. We want to continue what we love. We want to create great content, feature awesome riders, and contribute, push, and show why we love BMX. We sincerely appreciate any and all support... —Ryan Fudger, Jeff Zielinski, Adam Watkins, and Justin Benthien.
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