Victory Lap - Let's Play NEO: The World Ends With You - Part 67

Listen, I could have tried to make this a challenge but I deserve a moment to feel powerful. Also Def Märch still sold out.

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It was just another seemingly ordinary day in Shibuya-but not for Rindo. He could tell something about the city felt different.

He soon finds himself caught in the telekinetic crossfire of a psychic battle unfolding in the Scramble Crossing. And before he can catch his breath, a girl with an ominous aura appears before him and welcomes him to the so-called "Reapers' Game."

With some trepidation, Rindo and his friend Fret play along, convincing themselves that a "Game" couldn't have any serious consequences. It isn't long, however, until they start having second thoughts.

Rindo's instinct was right: something about this Shibuya is different.

Neo: The World Ends with You is an action role-playing game developed by Square Enix and h.a.n.d. and published by Square Enix. This game is a sequel to the 2007 video game The World Ends with You. It was released for the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 in July 27th, 2021, and is planned to be released later in 2021 for Microsoft Windows. It features a new cast of characters playing the Reapers' Game in Shibuya and, unlike the original game, features three-dimensional graphics.

Returning staff for the game include Tetsuya Nomura as creative producer and character designer, Gen Kobayashi as character designer, and Hiroyuki Itou who was game designer in the original but now as director. Takeharu Ishimoto, the composer for the original game, though no longer a full time employee of Square Enix, confirmed he will also be composing the music for the sequel.

The main protagonist and playable character is Rindo Kanade (奏 竜胆, Kanade Rindō), a high school student and a Player in the Reapers' Game. In the Game, he is partnered with his friend and classmate Tosai Furesawa (觸澤 桃斎, Furesawa Tōsai (nicknamed "Fret" (フレット, Furetto)) and a gaming otaku college student named Nagi Usui (笛吹 梛, Usui Nagi). They make up a team of Players called the Wicked Twisters with Rindo as the de facto leader. Each character has a unique ability in the Reapers' Game that comes into play during gameplay: Rindo can change the past with "Replay", Fret can remind people of things they've forgotten with "Remind", and Nagi can go into people's minds with "Dive". The team is also joined by the returning former Reaper/antagonist from the first game, Sho Minamimoto (南師 猩, Minamimoto Shō).

Rindo and his friends compete against rival teams who are the Ruinbringers, the top team in the Reapers' Game which includes Kaichi Susuki (周々木 鹿ー, Susuki Kaichi (nicknamed "Susukichi" (ススキチ Susukichi)) and Tsugumi Matsunae (松苗 亜実, Matsunae Tsugumi) who the later returns from the first game's Solo Remix and Final Remix re-releases, the Deep Rivers Society, a group of river enthusiasts led by Fuya Kawahara (河原 封也, Kawahara Fuuya), the Variabeauties, a group of super stylists led by Kanon Tachibana (立花 果遠, Tachibana Kanon), and the Purehearts, a group of savvy social media influencers led by Motoi Anazawa (モトイ, Anazawa Motoi). Reapers a split into two distinct groups: the Shibuya Reapers which first appeared in the original game, and Shinjuku Reapers. Shinjuku Reapers include Shiba Miyakaze (三谷風 椎葉, Miyakaze Shiiba), the Game Master in the Reapers' Game, Tanzo Kubo (久網 旦蔵, Kubō Tanzō), Ayano Kamachi (蒲池 菖乃 Kamachi Ayano), Kaie Ono (小野 解依, Ono Kaie), Hishima Sazakuchi (坂筑 菱真, Sazakuchi Hishima) and Shoka Sakurane (桜音 紫陽花, Sakurane Shōka). Shibuya Reapers returning from the first game are antagonists Koki Kariya (狩谷 拘輝, Kariya Kōki) and Uzuki Yashiro (八代 卯月, Yashiro Uzuki), and Coco Atarashi (新 子々, Atarashi Koko) which the later has also returns from the original game's re-releases.

Rindo is also supported by Swallow (スワロウさん, Suwarou-san), his online friend and a mysterious individual that he communicates with through a social media game and text messages. Neku Sakuraba (桜庭 音操, Sakuraba Neku), the main protagonist from the first game, also appears in the story.

Unlike the first title in the series, Neo is a fully 3D title. Players can control multiple characters at once during combat and attack opponents with "psych" abilities granted by items called "pins". Each character can equip one pin of the over 300 available, and different pin groupings can create combination attacks. Wearable "threads" also give a boost to the players characters abilities. Common game enemies are called "Noise", which are negative emotions that have come to life. The scanning ability the player uses to search for these enemies allows the player to read characters thoughts.

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Victory Lap - Let's Play NEO: The World Ends With You - Part 67
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