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Powerful VISA approval and passport subliminal (555 formula):
✩Your visa is granted to you rapidly
✩Your visa is approved immediately
✩The universe works to bring you your visa
✩Your visa for your desired country has been granted to you
✩You face no difficulties at all into obtaining your visa
✩You succeed your visa interview
✩Your visa is approved and granted within one day
✩You obtain your passport quickly
✩Your passport is returned back to you with your visa
✩Passport safety (Immune to being stolen or lost)

✩Travel safety
✩Luggage safety
✩You get to bring your desired clothes and luggage
✩Always obtain your visa for anywhere you want to go

555 formula:
✩Angels keep you safe
✩The universe always works to bring about your desires
✩555: Freedom and adventure combo
✩Boosted results
✩Positive state of mind

(Forced results included)

About this subliminal:
❀This subliminal contains no bad or negative affirmations
❀This subliminal works within ONE day itself
❀You can listen to this subliminal for as much as you want
❀This subliminal is unisex
❀Listen at a comfortable volume of 10-30%
❀You may wear earphones or not, it's completely up to you
❀Don't forget to stay hydrated
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