Vertical Integration as a Fast Stream to R.E.I. Success - Seth Teagle

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Going Long Podcast Episode 190: Vertical Integration as a Fast Stream to R.E.I. Success

In the conversation with today’s guest, Seth Teagle, you’ll learn the following:

[00:23 - 03:43] Show introduction with comments from Billy.

[03:43 - 06:41] Guest introduction and first questions.

[06:41 - 15:02] The backstory and decisions made that led Seth to this point in his journey.

[15:02 -17:38] What is was about Real Estate in particular that made Seth gravitate towards it

[17:38 - 22:45] Seth talks through the process in which he exchanged his time and efforts with someone in exchange for being shown the ropes of Real Estate investing, and how the experience is helping him and his business today.

[22:45 - 27:37] Seth explains the terms Vertically Integrated and In-house in the context of Real Estate investing models and business structures.

[27:37 - 33:11] Why Seth would consider investing out the state of Ohio when he has such a strong, vertically integrated, active Real Estate investing business set up to work in-State.

[33:11 - 35:30] The ways that Seth’s business works with investors today.

Here’s what Seth shared with us during today’s conversation:

Where in the world Seth is based currently: Granville, Ohio.

The most positive thing to happen in the past 24 hours: Got assigned an L.O.I. on a 148 acre development they are working on!

Favourite European City: Berlin, Germany.

A mistake that Seth would like you to learn from so that you don’t have to pay full price: Don’t be afraid to pay for a mentor! It will save and earn you much more in the long run.

Book Recommendation: Who Not How, by Dan Sullivan.

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