Vantage Circle Webinar: Leadership & Empathy Training to Unlock DE&I in a Workplace | Pat Wadors

Webinar on VUCA(P) Preparedness by Pat Wadors

Topic: Can Leadership & Employee Empathy Training Unlock the Gate to DE&I in a Workplace?

In this webinar session by Pat Wadors, she addresses how a culture of empathy brings out the best in leaders and employees, how can leaders develop empathy and imbibe it in the workplace, the key steps to leader & employee empathy training, and more.

Pat Wadors is the Chief Talent Officer at Procore, the digital workflow company focused on improving the lives of everyone in construction, and has worked as the Chief Talent Officer at ServiceNow, and the Senior Vice President at Global Talent Organization at LinkedIn.

The Vantage Circle Webinar Series on VUCA(P) Preparedness is an educational effort to discuss problems HR professionals and leaders are facing due to the VUCA(P) -- Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity, and Pandemic. The best-in-industry experts and business thought leaders share their well-researched, tried-and-tested tips to guide you through these tough times.
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Key Moments:

00:21 - Nikhil’s Welcome Address - Introduction to Vantage Circle
1:28 - Introduction to Speaker - Pat Wadors
3:42 -Introduction to Topic - Can Leadership & Employee Empathy Training Unlock the Gate to DE&I in a Workplace?
4:52 - Pat Wadors Speaks
7:20 - What is Empathy?
10:28 - Has Empathy Come into Action Only Now?
14:39 - Is Empathy Something that Should be Added to the List of Organizational Values?
15:35 - Poll
17:53 - How Do You Train for Empathy?
20:23 - What Else Can Companies Implement DE&I?
22:52 - In this Post-pandemic Environment, What will DE&I Bring into the Picture?
24:00 - How Important is DE&I in Recruitment?
26:44 - Are there Any Metrics to Calculate DE&I?
29:48 - Poll #2
34:13 - What Areas of People Management Should People Be Looking Into Next Year?
41:00 - Q&A
55:06 - Poll #3
57:17 - Thank You Address

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