Vacuum Gate 2021

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In this Episode: A man takes his swimming trunks off in front of his lady friends, a guy gets pranked into no loner have a female friend, the 10th dentist tells us that there is no Schrodinger's douchebag, office work is better than home work, and they like being called tall, and a listener tells us about Vacuum Gate 2021. Josh also recounts a recent trip to Milwaukee that makes him seem a bit entitled.

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Intro Music by: Iván

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Takin Off Trunks -
Moving Day Prank -
r/The10thDentist posts -
Schrodinger -
Office Work -
Tall People -

0:00 Intro
1:25 Reviews
7:16 AITA: Taking Trunks Off
18:12 AITA: Moving Day prank
28:47 MAIL!
31:34 CJ: Dinner at Safehouse
44:34 r/the10thDentist
57:02 LS: Vacuum Gate 2021
1:18:12 Outro

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