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Welcome to the UX portfolio critique video series! In this series, Chris reviews portfolios of designers across experience levels and gives actionable advice to supercharge their portfolio. In these videos you will understand what makes your portfolio standout and what needs improving.

In this series you will learn to -
1) Focus On What Matters - prioritize the most important things to fix based on 3 core themes — Focus on the high impact items.
2) Actionable Feedback - Get a checklist of everything that needs changing — No more fluffy feedback & second-guessing.
3) POV of hiring managers - Know exactly what hiring managers look for with portfolio reviews — Get insight on what gets you hired.

Creating a standout portfolio is tough. The 3 biggest mistakes most junior designers make when building their UX portfolio are -
1) Lack of explanation & storytelling with cookie cutter user research and testing.
2) Bias towards showing UI & final solution, with zero process documented.
3) Not catering your portfolio to the hiring audience causing confusion.

These things matter — because they affect your ability to get hired.

How can UX Portfolio Critique help you?
- Tell me if my portfolio is application worthy & job-ready
- Is my UX case study good enough?
- What does the design & branding of my portfolio say about me?
- Where could I improve on copywriting?
- Does my portfolio have usability or accessibility issues?
- How do I improve my portfolio overall?

A very special thanks and all credit to UXChrisNguyen for providing these videos. Get your portfolio reviewed today by Chris at - https://uxplaybook.org/critique
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