Utopia or Distopia? Tech & Politics Part 1 with Mike Kilgannon

The Consequences for National Security and Geo-Politics of the Tech Revolution

In this Episode Carlton interview's Big Mike Kilgannon, an OG of tech entrepreneurialism. Mike was one of the founding fathers’ of the Web page and more importantly, the monetisation thereof.

During the course of the discussion listeners will learn how Mike’s partner stayed in the early lucrative Web game head hunted by the riches of the early PayPal whilst, Mike turned down this move as he was dealing with major trials and tribulations in his personal life and proffered to go with tech’s infant mobile architecture.

In the interview Carlton also explores the present, past and future of mobile banking, the Internet of everything, crypto currencies, the future regulation, disruptive technologies and even Pablo Escobar's Colombia; as the synergies between banking tech and the secret world are explored. Are we standing on the edge of a grave precipice re data and GDPR?

This is a fascinating episode from which listeners can truly grow, as well as attempt to future proof their existence.

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