Using LinkedIn In "Stealth" Mode (Working While Looking)

Join Brenda Meller, Meller Marketing, and Annette Richmond, career intelligence Resume Writing, to learn how to Use LinkedIn In “Stealth” Mode.

Looking for a job while you have a job has advantages, but looking for a job while employed has its own set of challenges. One of them is making sure your boss doesn’t find out. That’s where using LinkedIn in “Stealth” mode can help.

Widely recognized for her LinkedIn strategy expertise, Brenda Meller helps professionals unlock the power of LinkedIn through 1:1 coaching, LinkedIn profile optimization, and content marketing.

Get smarter by following Brenda and Meller Marketing on LinkedIn and picking up a copy of Social Media PIE How to Enjoy a Bigger Slice of LinkedIn. (I’m reading it myself right now.)

Whether you’re trying to land a new job or just thinking about it, join us for Using LinkedIn In “Stealth” Mode (working while looking)


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