U.S. Citizenhip Interview 2021 - [TRICK QUESTIONS]The most asked questions during the naturalization

U.S. Citizenhip Interview 2021 - [TRICK QUESTIONS] The most asked questions during the naturalization

If you're new, I am here to help you prepare for your U.S. naturalization interview. During the U.S. Citizenhsip interview, the officer will verify your answers on the N-400 form.
Every application form is different and what will be asked depends on the interview immigration officer and your application form.
However, we compiled a list of the most asked questions based on feedback from actual applicants.
I complied a list of 18 questions which are asked the most by immigration Officer and I gave you sample answers about the N400 form which usually be asked during the U.S. Citizenship naturalization test (N400 U.S. Citizenhsip Interview).

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