[UPDATED] Full FTM Transition // Subliminal

full natural and healthy male body on both the inside and outside

Male X Y chromosomes

Testosterone levels increase

Estrogen levels decrease

healthy and fully functional male genitalia

flat masculine male chest

Breast anatomy changes completely to male

chest is safely losses all female breast fat and breast tissue

have a penis of ideal width, length and thickness

hair changes to ideal hair cut, hairstyle, hair color, texture and thickness

completely free from and immune to balding, hair loss, hair thinning, grey hairs and hair breakage

desired masculine and attractive face and body in every way, shape, angle, size, skinniness, muscle mass and placement possible [Detailed]

attractive and visible masculine hand and arm veins

long, slim and masculine fingers

big, slim and masculine hands

lose weight and grow muscle easily

safely have a fast metabolism

white and cavity free teeth

desired teeth

clear skin

masculine, defined, Sharp, Attractive, Visible and ideal jawline

Ideal, Attractive and Prominent adam's apple

Ideal, deep, masculine and attractive voice

Attractive, handsome, masculine, perfect and ideal appearance

Why is My appearance is so Attractive, handsome, masculine, perfect and ideal

desired height

able to grow significantly taller even at your age

ideal masculine bone structure

effortlessly Burn all unwanted fat and curves

Why does my body effortlessly Burn all unwanted fat and curves

All feminine features and organs are removed and replaced with male features and organs

completely free from your menstrual cycle

grow perfect facial hair

enhanced physique

slim, masculine and muscular body
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