(UPDATE): I Keep Getting Fired Due To Bad Reviews. One Day I See A Notif On My GF's Phone...

I'm M24, and I've been with GF (F29), let's call her Janice, for 2 and a half years. I just finished my education when we started dating and I have been doing all sorts of jobs since. Sometimes two at a time. I did this to expand my resume and gather job experience.

I worked in cafés, bookstores, a library, a grocery store and as an English tutor. Most of those jobs lasted about 3 to 5 months. My shortest stay was 2 and a half weeks, my longest 8 months, but since I didn't have a hard time applying for new positions, I tried to block it out, though it was kind of eating me up internally.


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1. I think my girlfriend has been trying to get my fired from all my jobs. I'm shaken. Please help me.
2. My (32M) Fiance (33F) is overruling me on every detail regarding our wedding day.

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