Update About My NCS Content

As you probably have noticed: Content on the channel has slowed down a bit recently.

I don't know the exact reason why, but it's possible that one reason could be due to my steadily declining interest in the older months of NCS.


There are going to be a few changes to how I dish out my content covering the label.

Firstly, after I finish my ranking of the 2016 months, my coverage of older months is going to stop. As from now on, I will be tackling purely new NCS releases and content, because that's the place where my interests lie. However, this will be in a new format.

The way of covering the label now that I am forward will help decrease my burnout, increase my productivity and keep my interest in the label high, all of which is extremely important to me.

So from now on, I will be delivering reviews of the newest NCS tracks on the days they come out, with more in depth reasonings, dives into sections of the songs, and overall a much more justifiable and better approach to how I review the music. At the end of each month I will still be ranking all the songs, however my thoughts on the songs will be contained in each seperate video.

My reasonings, opinions of songs and how I convey my thoughts on them is the thing I pride myself on most in this community. I'm genuinely so excited to step forward into this because it will help increase this strength and start to remove the negatives with making so many videos.

Yes, the individual content will be shorter than normal, but the increase in time, quality and thought I am putting into the editing and reasonings for each song is going to drastically increase in exchange. A more concentrated burst of output from me is definitely going to help me in the long run, as overall this method will be more relaxed.

Don't worry, my content covering other areas of music is not going to stop at all, so look forward to more Recommendations and other videos of the like.

I hope you are all looking forward to the more refined approach of review-making I am bringing forward here, and see you soon! (tomorrow actually new release)

Robert Stevens

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