UNLV Masters in Business Administration Program

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In this video Lisa Davis talks about the benefits of UNLV's Masters in Business Administration program, all the benefits and opportunities available to you when you're in the program, any and all resources available to MBA students, and the requirements necessary for your application so that you can start getting ready and prepared to apply. Keep watching to learn all about this program and to find out if this program is the right fit for you.

Featured Speaker:
Lisa Davis
Associate Director for the MBA Program
UNLV Lee Business School
Email: [email protected]

00:00 Welcome and Introductions
00:53 How did you come to work at UNLV?
03:03 What are the benefits at getting your MBA?
04:42 How can students make the most of this experience?
07:09 What Grad opportunities are available to students?
08:51 What campus resources are available to Grad students?
10:28 What are the application requirements?
14:52 One piece of career/life advice?
17:15 How can students reach out?
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