Unlawful Workplace Violations: How Employers Violate The Laws

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Workplace violations in which employers violate their workers rights happen all the time.

Businesses break the law in a number of ways, and usually at the expense of their staff.

In this video presentation we asked our research team to breakdown the most common violations so YOU can be aware and alert for a violation at your job.

You don't have to stand for it.

We broke out the data detailing violation rates at work by type and the occupations which are most often victimized.

If you work as a home health care worker, office clerk, restaurant worker, child care worker, cook, driver, construction or as a cashier or clerk -- WATCH OUT.

You are among the most common occupations to be victimized by their employers actions.

Your company may not even know they are committing wage theft, in the end it doesn't matter. If you are entitled pay they are withholding - don't stand for it.

This presentation breaks down what the law allows you to do about it, and quickly covers the various workplace violations committed including: unlawful retaliation, pay violations, late pay, unpaid overtime, stolen tips, meal break and off-the-clock work among others.

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If you have additional questions about a possible workplace violation, contact me at http://www.floridaovertimelawyer.com and I'll answer the personally, no cost, no obligation.

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