Unfortunate Wild Animals Tragically Electrocuted To Death

Unfortunately, animals have a habit of putting themselves in dangerous situations. Because they are constantly in search of food, they often end up at the wrong place at the wrong time. If you want to see what happens when animals decide to fiddle with electric current, keep watching, as you get the shock of your life when we look at unfortunate wild animals tragically electrocuted to death.

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Monkey Get Electric Shock

Here is a monkey swinging on an electric line trying to reach the electric pole and when he does, he swings onto the next table and the next, but as soon as he touches the third cable, you can see the flames burn his body. The monkey falls to the ground and probably dies, even though we don’t see the outcome. This monkey jumps on a tree but jumps right back on the ground. He probably didn’t like the tree zapping him.

Cow Get Electric Shock By Fence

These cows are enclosed, surrounded by an electric fence, and every time one cow touches the fence, the entire herd backs off. It’s almost like a dance and it’s kind of funny to watch. This cow finds out soon enough not to go out wandering too close to the electric fence when it gets a small shock and backs away. I guess after a few of those, the animals understand not to touch the fence. For the first time, the four tiny calves were allowed to leave their calf enclosure shelter.

They were initially allowed a little area to stretch their legs, locate their new feed and water bins, and become familiar with the electric fencing. They'll be released into the entire field once they've settled down and are no longer milking.

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