Understanding and Managing Payroll for Government Contractors

Important Payroll Compliance for Government Contractors

This class is intended for anyone who currently owns or is thinking of owning a government contracting business and will need to hire employees. Regardless of the type of business and where you are operating the business (location), this class will help you to understand what it means to have employees, the responsibilities that come with it, and its obligations.

We will also review and discuss benefits; which is an integral part of employment these days. You will learn which industries or sectors regulate or mandate that you provide some benefits according to the level and size of the business. Learning what is appropriate and understanding compliance regulations is vital to understanding and managing payroll.

Some of what we will cover in this 1 hour class includes:

Regular Payroll and Benefits
Service Contract Act (SCA): What is it and what it covers?
Davis-Bacon Act (DBA): What is it and what it covers?

About the Instructor

This class is taught by Mr. Gregory Llinas, the founder of GL-Solutions, an 8(a), SWaM Certified business specializing in accounting, financial management, program and project planning, and control. Mr. Llinas has more than 25 years of experience in the Federal Government Contracting, has managed over half a dozen organizations at the executive level, including Business Development, Operations Management, and Executive Leadership.

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