Understanding advocacy and what advocates can do for leukaemia patients ONLINE WEBINAR

This webinar covers:
- what to do if you have concerns about your care or treatment for your leukaemia
- what advocacy is
- how to access support from advocates at Leukaemia Care
- how advocacy informs the rest of our work

We were be joined by:
Charlotte Martin, Leukaemia Care Patient Advocacy Manager
Ella Guthrie, Leukaemia Care Advocacy Officer
Nick York, Leukaemia Care Patient Advocacy Healthcare Liaison Officer

Useful links: Upcoming webinars: https://bit.ly/LCOnlineWebinars
Welfare and Advocacy support: http://bit.ly/AdvocacyCaseworker
Counselling fund: https://www.leukaemiacare.org.uk/supp...
Virtual support groups: http://bit.ly/Virtual-SupportGroups
Monthly podcast: http://bit.ly/LeukaemiaChattersPodcast
Helpline, Monday – Friday (9am-5pm) and Thursday and Friday evenings (7pm – 10pm).
Call 08088 010 444.
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