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Show up and put in the effort, and you too can pass your FE exam. Harry here, with a family and demanding job, passed his FE exam on his second attempt. In the beginning, it was hard for him to step away from his family to go study, but after making a study schedule that balanced family, work, and the FE exam prep, Harry found something that finally worked for him. In this interview, you can hear Harry's success story and how he went from spending thousands of dollars on an unsuccessful FE exam prep program to investing in enGENIEer Morning and Afternoon courses. A key to success? "I need to understand this before I move on," Harry mentions to Kenza.

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0:00 Intro
0:43 What do you think you struggled with the most to study for the FE exam?
2:33 Upcoming Webinar
3:07 FE exam study failures
5:59 How did you come back from failing?
10:03 FE study schedule
11:23 How did you feel after all the studying?
11:52 Study schedule details - Months, days, hours
14:30 Strategy to re-watch the entire course
15:27 What tools did not work?
17:16 How did you spend the final weeks?
19:16 How did you improve after the practice exams?
20:29 How did you feel going into the exam?
21:29 Final words of wisdom

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