Ty Morgan: How to Achieve Financial Freedom in No Time

Ty Morgan, is the Founder of Infinite Planning, where his goal is to educate and inspire individuals to take control of their financial lives through proper education and coaching methods. Ty also recently founded the nonprofit organization, Silent Guardian-Angels, Inc. and he is here today to share his and his family’s incredible story of overcoming incredible odds and how financial freedom allowed that possibility.

During the show we discuss:
✔︎ Financial freedom
✔︎ What infinite banking is and how to use it for financial freedom
✔︎ Common reason on what is keeping people to achieve financial freedom
✔︎ What the Austrian School of Economics is and how can it help with your journey towards financial freedom
✔︎ How to inflation-proof your life and why you need to start protecting your wealth now
✔︎ Tips in creating financial planning
✔︎ Strategies to become debt free
✔︎ Things to consider when making your financial plan
✔︎ How to set your financial goals
✔︎ Steps to start taking right away to reach financial freedom
✔︎ The habits that will help you reach financial freedom
✔︎ What passive income is and how to maximize its benefits
✔︎ How to achieve financial freedom in no time

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